It all begins with getting to know you. Your confidential profile will kick off our in-depth process of learning all about who you are and whom you’d like to meet. You’ve met thousands of people in your life, but only a handful have been worthy of your romantic love. What made them standout? From our very first call, you’ll know you’re in good hands. We’re experts at asking all the right questions to unearth the nuances in your criteria that will make all the difference. But we don’t work with everyone. We specialize in working with accomplished and highly eligible clients looking for like-kind. If we don’t feel that we can be successful for you, we’ll be upfront about that.  If we’re confident in your intent, coachability, and prospects, we’ll invite you to become a client.  
Then we get to work as your personal headhunter.  We leverage our exclusive database, robust personal and industry networks, and CIA-like investigative skills to identify extraordinary singles that you’d never have crossed paths with otherwise.  We’ll meet face-to-face with each candidate to thoroughly assess the fit – it’s as though we’re going on the first date for you. Only those exceptional candidates who have passed our rigorous screening progress will be presented to you. You’ll see their photos, you’ll learn all about them. But perhaps as valuably, we’ll share with you WHY we chose this match specifically for you. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity as we value your time and trust. You will remain in the driver’s seat and will only proceed with someone for whom you share our enthusiasm. 
And so begins your unique love story. We’ll set up the date so that there’s no extended prologue of penpal texts or awkward introductory calls.  Following the match we’ll be waiting with bated breath for the details – did you click? Was there chemistry? We’ll also elicit feedback from your match so you’ll know exactly where you stand and glean valuable insight into how you represent. We will serve as your trusted partner helping you to navigate the early, delicate stages of a budding relationship.  From a great first date to a perfect match, we will continue to support your long-term relationship with coaching and strategic resources to help you become your best self and develop a firm foundation for your future together.

– DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, by Boris Pasternak